Honda TL125 Message Board

This board is not operational, here for reference only.
Welcome to the Honda TL125 message board, now running with minimum frills on my own server. This message board is intended for general discussion on items related to the TL125. For sale and other commercial posts are OK. The only request is that you post the prices for all parts or services offered.

Any posts not fitting these simple rules or otherwise deemed inappropriate will be removed. As a courtesy, please indicate in the title if you post is a for sale or want ad. For example all for sale ad titles should start with 4Sale: or other similar words, all want ads should start with WTB: or something similar.

If you want to add a link to this board please point your link to the main TL125 page ( This will ensure that links stay active should the board location change.

Note: I have implemented a simple SPAM filter that should take care of the automatically generated crap. Now you must have the string tl125 (or TL125) in the message body or subject or your post will not go through. No error messages, no nothing, it just disappears.

Note2: I have changed the meta tag for this page to instruct the browser not to cache this page. This means that after you post a message it will not be necessary to do a page reload anymore. This is valid for most browsers, if you can't see your message just reload or hit CTRL-R.

Feel free to send me suggestions and e-mails.

Happy posting,


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