Fitting TL125 K-model Side Panels to TL125S

Tony Fletcher has made the following article on fitting earlier model TL sidecovers on the 1976 TL125S.

TL 125 Side Covers.

I have been trying for some time to source original side covers for my 1976 TL125S. The part numbers for this bike, Right 8383540-355-620ZA and Left 83630-355-620ZA are obsolete.

In desperation I have purchased side covers from the earlier "K" model. The two cover part numbers for this bike, Right 83540-KB2-000MA and Left 83640-KB2-000MA are still available. The mountings are in a different location but the shapes of the panels are almost identical.

To fit the covers I have modified the existing mountings and fabricated new brackets as follows:

Top rear mountings on both sides remain unchanged and act as a datum for positioning the others.

sidecover1.jpg (8 kb)

The exhaust support bracket doubles up as the lower cover mount on the RHS(right hand side). Use the drawing for the general shape and size of the new bracket and bend as indicated. I used a 12mm nut slipped over the exhaust clamping bolt for the spacer, this was just the right length. I have not given all the dimensions to make this bracket as you can take most of them from the original, or you can simply weld on the extra material on the top!

sidecover4.gif (5 kb)

The upper mountings on the front need to be cut off. Remove the complete air box assembly and protect engine and drive chain from the grinding dust. Cut off the existing front side cover mounts using a hacksaw and then grind off the remainder flush with the bottom of the air box mounting plate. Take care not to grind of the weld fillet that secures the air box plate to the frame! Make up the new arch shaped bracket and clamp in place under the air box mounting plate. Trial fit the side covers to establish the exact position. Drill through from the top of the air box plate and secure the new plate with four M4 bolts.

sidecover2.gif (5 kb)

The final task is to slightly re-position the bottom LHS mounting hole. I found that it is possible to bend the side cover slightly to use the existing mounting hole. The new side cover pin falls just to the side of the original position.

Depending on where yours finishes up you may have to fabricate a small plate to take the new cover. Use self-tapping screws to secure this plate to the frame.

If you are wondering about the colour of my side covers. The new covers are finished in silver Grey without stickers, I have just sprayed them to match the tank.

The side covers only had a little material removed from the rear inside edge to follow the rear frame tube a little better. This adjustment was cosmetic, as the panels fit without cutting off the surplus.

I am sorry to any purists among you that would dissaprove of modifying the original frame. The bike looks so much better with the new covers; it just had to be done!

Jarmo has kindly offered to post the side views of my bike on the owner's page so you can check out the results of this modification.

Top view is shown below. It would be very hard to tell they were not the original panels!

sidecover3.jpg (8 kb)

Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this mod .


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Last modification February 16, 2003
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Fitting TL125 K-model Side Panels to TL125S