Honda Motorcycle Part Codes

All parts on a Honda motorcycle have a unique part number. Honda divides parts into two broad categories, General Parts and Standard Parts. General parts are those unique to Honda, such as valves, pistons, gas tank etc. Standard parts are parts that follow universal standards, such as nuts, bolts and such.

General Parts

General parts have a part number divided into 3 sections, such as 22201-166-000 (clutch friction plate for the TL125).

Note that some pretty universal parts are still listed under General Parts number. For example most (all?) TL oil seals carry a general parts number. Luckily Honda parts fiche lists the actual dimensions for parts like this.

Standard Parts

Standard Parts have a part number divided into 2 sections, such as 93500-06040 (6mm x 40mm pan screw, for example TL125 clutch side engine cover).

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Honda Motorcycle Product Codes

Following is a list of Honda motorcycle product codes. They are directly from an article posted on the VJMC (Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club) website, typed in by Ellis Holman. I don't update this list and looks like it is no longer available from the VJMC website.

Addition: Richard Pade has found a more comprehensive list at CMS (Classic Motorcycle Supply).

ModelProduct CodeModelProduct CodeModelProduct Code
C102003 CA100005 CA102006
CA105T007 C110011 CA110022
S90028 CA200030 CT200033
CT90K0033 CM91034 S65035
P50044 Z50AK0/K1/K2045 CL90/CL90L056
PC50063 SL90074 CT90K1077
C70MK0087 CL70K0089 C70K1092
CT70HK0/K1098 CT70K0/K1/K2/K3/K4/
098 CT90K3/K4/K5/K6/
CB100 K0/K1/K2107 CL100 K0/K1/K2/
108 SL100 K0/K1/K2/K3110
CL70K1/K2/K3111 QA50K0114 XR75 K0/K1/K2/
SL70K0118 SL70K1118 Z50AK3120
CT70 '79/'80/
126 ST90 K0/K1/K2128 QA50K1/K2/K3129
130 MR50K0,K1131 XL70K0/K1/'76137
NC50,77/78/79/80147 PA50I&II148 XL75 '77/'78/
XR75 '77/'78153 NA50,79/80163 MB5166
CR80R '80/'81169 C70 '80/'81174 XR80 '79/'80/'81
181 NX50M, 81/82187 NA50 81190
NC50, 81193 XL80S '80/'81/'82/
195 CB500K2323
CA92203 CB92205 CA95 EARLY/LATE206
CB160217 CL160/CL160D223 CA160225
CB500 K0/K1232 CL175K0236 CA175/CD175237
CL125A243 SS125A244 CA71/C71255
CE71257 C72259 C76/CA76260
CS76/CSA76261 CA72 EARLY/LATE262 C77266
267 CB72268 CL72273
CB77275 TL250 K0/'76376 CL77278
CB450 K0283 CB350 K0/K1287 CL350 K0/K1291
CB450 K1/K2292 CB450D293 CL450 K1/K2294
CB750 K0/K1300 CA175K3/CD175K3302 CB175K3
CL175K3307 SL350 K0310 SL350 K1312
SL175 K0313 CB175 K4/K5315 CL175 K4/K5316
CB350 K2/K3/K4317 CL350 K2/K3318 CB450 K3/K4319
CL450 K3/K4320 CB125 S0/S1/S2324 MT125R '77/'78325
XL250 K0/K1/K2329 SL125 K0/K1/K2331 CB350 FOUR F0/F1333
SL175 K1334 SL350K2340 CB750 K2/K3/
CB175 K6342 CL175 K6343 CB350G344
CL350 K4/K5345 CB450 K5/K6/K7346 CL450 K5/K6347
CB200 K0/T0354 TL125 K0/K1/K2/'76355 XL350 K0/K1356
CR250 M0357 MT250 K0/K1/'76358 CL125 S0/S1359
CR125 M0/M1360 MT125 K0/K1/'76361 XL175 K0/K1362
XL100 K0/K1/'76/'77/'78364 XL125 K0/K1365 CB360 K0/CB360G/
CB360T/CB360T '76
CL360 K0/K1370 GL1000 K0/'76/LTD '76/'77/371 MR175 K0/'76/'77373
CB550 FOUR K0/K1/'76374 CB500T 375 CB400 FOUR F0/'76/'77377
CL200378 CR250 M1/M2381 XL125 '76/'77/'78382
CB125S '76/'77/'78/'79/80/'81/'82383 XL350 '76/'77/'78385 XL250 '76/386
CJ360T '76/'77388 CB200T '76389 CB550F F0/'76/'77390
XL175 '76/'77/'78391 CB750F F0/'76392 CB750A '76/'77/'78393
MR250 395 CR125 M'76/M'77/M'78400 CT125 '77401
CB550K '77/'78404 CB750 '77/'78405 CB750F '77/'78410
CB400TI '78/'79/CB400TII '78/'79/CB400T '80/'81413 CX500 '78/'79415 CB400A '78417
CM185t '78/'79419 CBX '79422 CB750C '80425
CB750K '79/'80425 CB650 '79426 XL185S '79/'80/'81/'82427
XL250S '78/'79/'80/'81428 XR500 '79/'80429 CR250R '78/'79430
GL1000 '78/'79431 XR250 '79/'80434 XL500S '79/'80/'81435
XL100 '79/'80/'81436 XL125S '79/'80/'81437 CB900F '81438
CB125S '84/'85441 CR125R '79444 CB750F '79/'80/'81445
XR185 '79446 XR200 '80/'81/'82/'83/'84446 CM400C '81/CM400E '80447
CM400E '81/CM400T '79/CM400T '80/'81447 CM400A '79/'80/'81448 CX500C '79/'80/'81/82449
CB175K7453 CL175 K7454 CT110 '80/'81/'82/'83/'84/'85/'86459
CB650 '80/'81/'82 CB650C '81 CB650SC '82460 CB700C '80/'81/'82461 GL1100 '80/'81463
GL1100I '80/'81463 CM200T '80/'81/'82465 CR125R '80466
CR250R '80467 CBX '80469 CX500D '79/'80/'81470
NC50, 82/83GA6 C70 '82/'83GB5 PA50II, 81/82/83GB7
NU50, 82/83GC1 NU50M, 82/83GC1 CR80R '82/'83/'84/'85/'86GC4
CR60R '83/'84GF5 XR80 '85/'86/'87/'88GN1 CR80R '87/'88GS2
ZB50 88GS9 Z50R 88GW8 TR200 '86/'87HB7
XR200R '81/'82/'83KA2 CR125R '81/'82/'83/'84/'85KA3 CR250R '81/'82/'83/'84/'85KA4
CR450R '81/ CR480 '82/'83KA5 CR500R '84/'85KA5 XR250R '81/'82KA6
XL100S '82/'83/'84/'85KA8 XR100 '81/'82/'83/'84KA9 XL125S '82/'84/'85KB1
CM250C '82/'83KB4 XL250R '82/'83KB7 XR350R '83/'84KF0
XL185S '83KF9 XL200R '83/'84KG1 TLR200 '86/'87KJ2
XR200R '84/'85KK0 XR250R '84/'85KK1 XL350R '84/'85KL3
XL250R '84/'85KL4 XR100R '85/'86/'87/'88KN4 XR350R '85KN5
CMX250C '85/'86/'87 CMX250CD '86KR3 CR125R '86/'87/'88KS6 CR250R '86/'87/'88KS7
XR200R '86/'87/'88KT0 XR250R '86/'87/'88KT1 XL250R '86/'87KT4
VTR250 '88KV0 NX250 '88KW3 NX125 '88KY7
XR500R '81/'82MA0 GL500 '81/'82/'81/'82 INTERSTATEMA1 CBX '81/'82MA2
CB750K '81/'82MA4 CB750C '81/'82MA5 VF700S '84/'85MB0
VF750S '82/'83MB0 VF750C '82/'83MB1 VF700C '84MB1
VF700F '84/'85MB2 VF750F '83/'84MB2 VF1100S '84/85MB3
VF1100C '83/'84/'85/'86MB4 VF100F '84MB6 CB900F '82MB7
GL1100 '82/'83 GL1100A '82/'83 GL1100I '82/'83MB9 CM450C '82MC0 CM450A '82/'83MC1
CM250E '82/'83MC2 CB750F '82MC3 XL500R '82MC4
CX500TCMC7 VT500FT '83MC8 FT500 '82/'83MC8
CB450SC '82/'83/'85/'86MC9 CB450T '82ME0 CB750SC '82/'83ME1
CL650 '83 / CL650I '83ME2 CB550SC '83ME4 CB650SC '83/'84/'85ME5
CX650T '83ME7 CX650C '83ME8 VT700C '84/'85ME9
VT750C '83ME9 VF500F '84/'85MF2 VT500C '83/'84/'85/'86MF5
VT500FT '84MF8 CB1000C '83MG1 XL600R '83/'84/'85MG2
XR500R '83/'84MG3 CB1100F '83MG5 VT1100C '85/'86MG8
GL1200 '84/GL1200A '84/GL1200A '85MG9 GL1200L '85MG9 GL1200I '84/'85MG9
CB700SC '84/'85/'86MJ1 VF1000R '85/'86MJ4 VF500C '84/'85MJ8
XR600R '85/'86/'87MK2 VF700C '85/'86MK3 VT700C '86/'87MK7
VFR700F '86/VFR700F2 '86/VFR700F2 '87MK8 CR500R '86/'87/'88ML3 XL600R '86/'87ML6
VFR750F '86ML7 GL1200A '86/'87ML8 GL1200SE-i '86ML8
GL1200I '86/'87ML8 VF500F '86MM1 CMX450C '86/'87MM2
CBR1000F '88MM5 VT1100C '87/'88MM8 VF700C '87MN0
XR600R '88MN1 VF750C '88MN2 CBR600F '87/'88MN4
GL1500 '88MN5 CBR1000F '87MN5 NT650 '88MN8
NX650 '88MN9 VT600C '88MR1 VT800C '88MR6

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Honda Motorcycle Part Codes