AHRMA "Modern Classics" -class allowed modifications to the Honda TL125

Following is a short summary of rules and modifications allowed to the TL125 under the rules of AHRMA modern classics -class. My sincere thanks to the expert help of Bob Ginder of B&J Racing. Bob is one of AHRMA National trials coordinators and has clarified some issues to me. Note: Comments below are my understanding of the rules and their interpretation. If you plan to compete in AHRMA I would contact them prior to any major modifications.

Section 12: Observed Trials of the AHRMA rulebook states:

12.1.5 MODERN CLASSIC: Any unit-construction machine up to and including model year 1979. Examples: Bultaco 5-speed 125-350, Suzuki RL250 & TS models, Beamish Suzuki, Montesa Cota 123-348, Ossa 250-350 MAR & BLT, Yamaha TY175-250 & AT/CT/DT models, Kawasaki KT250 & enduro models, Honda TL125-250 & SL/XL models, GRM Maverick rigid frames with four-stroke engines. TMI framed Hondas and Frazier frames are eligible. Modifications and major components limited to those of the era, typical of machines of the mid-’70s.


12.2.1 TIRES AND WHEELS: Trials tires are required in all classes. Motocross knobby-type tires may be used in the Beginner class at the discretion of the promoter. Any pre-1975 hubs and any type of rim from the proper era for that machine are acceptable. Only the Modern Classic class may use pre-1980 components.

12.2.2 SUSPENSION: No single-shock machines may compete, except Vincent. Suspension travel is limited to 4 inches in the rear and 7 inches in the front. Rear dampers may be replaced with any units using technology available to December 31, 1974. Ossa Bolger Long Travel (BLT) machines may compete in Modern Classic, with rear wheel travel limited to 4 inches.

12.2.3 NOISE: Silencers are required; no machine may compete with an open exhaust system.

12.2.4 No major components may be later than 1974 (specifically, engine, frame, gearbox and forks). Only Modern Classic may use components later than 1974 (but limited to pre-1980).

12.2.5 All motorcycles must comply with all applicable AHRMA and AMA competition and safety rules, including rule 9.7.11 (fuel) and 9.7.17 (AHRMA decals; two required and may be placed on any readily visible part of the motorcycle).

12.2.6 ALL MODIFICATIONS MUST BE CONSISTENT WITH THE SPIRIT OF THE CLASS. Period modifications have been extensively documented and machines with obvious non-period or excessive modifications will be disqualified or required to compete in the next-higher-level class.

Well, all of the above is pretty clear. Here are a couple of more specific do's and dont's:

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Last modification February 16, 2003
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AHRMA "Modern Classics" -class allowed modifications to the Honda TL125